Bobby Haines:  Ensoniq VFX/SD Sequencer/sampler,  Yamaha DX100 Synthesizer, Cubase integration, Vocals
Paul Cronin:
     Martin Acoustic,
Stratocaster Electric, Vocals
Danny Stiles:   
Alesis Synthesized Drums, Vocals
Thom Wilkins:
  Stratocaster Electric, Les Paul Electric
Kenny Benoit:  Schecter C1 Classic Electric, Daion Acoustic/Electric, Boss GT-8 Pedal, Vocals


Danny and Rich on Worth Avenue '69 Thom & SG '72 Thom '72 Thom '72 Bobby & Thom '76 Paul '76 Bob '76 Bobby & Paul "Martin-Rhodes" '80 Paul & Bob '96 "The Magic" - Ensoniq VFX/SD & Yamaha DX100 & CUBASE Mackie DFX-12 & Alesis Miniverb-4 Alesis Synthesized Drums Dan's kit ready for the road Thom's Les Paul Thom's Strat Thom '08 Paul & Bobby '04 Paul & Bobby '04 Paul & Bobby '04 Danny, Paul, Bobby '04 Danny, Paul, Bobby '04 Danny, Paul, Bobby '04 Danny '04 Danny, Tommy, Paul '04 Kenny Kenny Kenny in serious record mode