FSU Athletic Facilities Tour
With the brothers of Phi Kappa Tau

November 2006

If your system is set to use Windows Media Player as your default media player, this AVI file should begin to play right away.  Otherwise you will have to wait until the entire download is completed using the RUN or SAVE file options.

100 mbps (cable modem, DSL) download speed should be able to view the High Quality version.

Less than 100 mbps (Wireless or dial-up) systems should select the Low Quality version.

If the replay stutters it is usually because your internet connection cannot keep up with the data rate required to play the file.  If this happens, simply PAUSE the video for a few minutes to allow the download to buffer the file, then un-PAUSE.

FSU Tour (Low) 180Mb

FSU Tour (High) 330 Mb

(approximately 23 minutes)